Cristal Delacruz isn't your ordinary high school senior. With four months left until graduation, Cristal already knows where she will be going after walking the stage at Lufkin High School.

Cristal received a full, four-year scholarship to Dartmouth thanks to the Quest bridge program, the second person to receive a scholarship to an ivy league school from Lufkin

The average tuition for four years at Dartmouth is over $200,000, a number that Cristal and her family won't have to worry about.

"They're very thankful for the opportunity Quest Bridge gave me. Obviously, they won't have to worry about that, they've struggled in the past and the fact that they awarded me this is really going to help them."

Cristal is the second person to attend college in her family, behind her brother who attended Stephen F. Austin.

The Quest Bridge program saw over 15,000 applicants, which was then condensed down to 918 finalists, one of them being Cristal.

Cristal plans to become an archivist after graduating from Dartmouth.