An average school lunch costs roughly $2.50 to $3.00, and a reduced lunch costs much less, but some families still have a hard time affording either which results in overdue balances.

According to the School Nutrition Association's 2016 School Nutrition Operations Report, three quarters of school districts had an unpaid student meal debt at the end of the last school year, an increase from 70.8% of districts reporting debt in 2014.

People all over the United States are giving back in a different way this holiday season by paying off those overdue lunch balances in schools. They are known as 'Lunch Angels.'

Erin Thiem and her husband are two of these 'lunch angels.'

"It was our Christmas present to mainly parents, it's a way for them to not worry, and give their kids a little something more at Christmas time."

Erin and her husband decided to help families at two local schools by clearing overdue balances. They hope this helps the families focus more on the holiday season without the added stress of debt.

Others in East Texas can help as well. Become a 'Lunch Angel' by simply contacting a school district of your choice to find out their overdue balance policy.