Ride-sharing Lyft will begin services Thursday at noon March 23.

To celebrate Lyft’s arrival, new passengers can use the code LYFTLOVE17 to receive $5 off their first Lyft ride anywhere.

Lyft, founded in 2012, is the fastest growing rideshare company and continues to differentiate and win people over and through its brand and positive in-car experience. As the only rideshare platform to allow tips, Lyft drivers have received more than $150 million in tips. Interested drivers can view the “Drive with Lyft” page to learn more about joining the Lyft community.

“Lyft has spent the first three months of 2017 bringing better transportation options to cities across the country. Today, we are excited about continuing this growth and bringing safe, friendly and reliable ridesharing to new communities." - Jaime Raczka, head of early stage markets and expansion.

The company submitted an application to provide services in Tyler, according to the city manager's report delivered in Wednesday's City Council meeting.

It likely will take about a week for the company's application to be processed and if approved, Lyft has indicated to the city they plan to start service March 23.

Lyft would fall under the same ordinance as Uber, which started operating in Tyler in September after the City Council adoptied a deregulated transportation ordinance that put ride-sharing apps and traditional taxi companies under the same regulations in the city.

People with cars and spare time register as a driver with companies such as Lyft or Uber, and when they’re free, they log in. People who need a ride can then summon them, for an agreed-upon rate. The company takes a small percentage for an administrative fee.