The man accused of killing a Texas state trooper is officially charged with capital murder.

Dabrett Black, 32, is in the Brazos County jail, but he lives and has a criminal record in East Texas.

In July 2017, Black was charged with assaulting a peace officer, and it’s not the only time.

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said it happened first in Lindale in 2015.

"He severely assaulted one of our patrol deputies, and attempted to take his gun. We knew at that point he was violent," he said.

Black was charged with assaulting a public servant in Lindale after investigators said he punched the deputy in the face when the deputy tried to talk to him.

Black spent 365 days in the Smith County Jail.

In July of 2017, Smith said Black hit a deputy's car during a chase. He was booked into the Smith County Jail with bonds totaling $15,500, and later indicted on two counts, but Black was never put back in jail after being indicted.

His bonds, however, were raised to $400,000.

"Our deputies were very much aware that any time you come in contact with him, he's going to be a danger," Sheriff Smith said.