Rusk County Sheriff's Office confirms the man who reported his horses stolen has been booked into Rusk County Jail for livestock animal neglect/overwork.

Authorities confirm the horses originally reported stolen by Larry Atone Cadwell, Gus and Tanner, were recovered on Cadwell's property.

Stolen Horses International released the following statement:

During the law enforcement investigation of the case on Gus and Tanner on October 17, 2016, law enforcement investigators found that some of the 21 horses that were on the property were in bad health, which resulted in a court order for seizure of the horses. When the investigators returned to the property, they found that Gus and Tanner were there on the property. The gate was locked when law enforcement arrived. It is unknown as to how Gus and Tanner were returned to the property as Mr. Cadwell was not home at the time law enforcement was on the property.

It is unfortunate that the seizure occurred of the 23 horses in Rusk County, Texas on October 18, 2016 which included the stolen horses, Gus and Tanner. We are not sure at this time how the horses were returned to the property or who the parties are that are responsible for the theft and return of the horses. We are leaving this aspect up to the courts to decide.

As a result of this investigation by law enforcement and the seizure of the horses, Mr. Cadwell was charged with cruelty to livestock animal neglect/overwork according to Rusk County Sheriff Department website. Mr. Cadwell was arraigned on October 19, 2016 and released on a $2500 bond. It is our understanding that the horses are being held at Rusk County’s facility until the property hearing which is anticipated to occur in 8-12 days. At that time a decision will be made by the judge as to if the horses will be awarded to the county or returned to Mr. Cadwell.

We will continue to work on this case closely with law enforcement and will provide updates as they occur. Thank you for helping us get the word out about Gus and Tanner, thank you to all our volunteers that worked on this case, especially our case manager in Texas.

CBS 19 will update you as more details become available.