Mark the calendar for September 1 because a new wave of laws will be enforced.

School is less than a week away and analyst from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System said 13% of students in Texas have been bullied online. David's Law would require adults to report bullying to law enforcement. It was named after 16-year-old David Molak who killed himself after constant online harassment. Molak's brother Chris said the law has changed the mind of people in Austin.

Senate Bill 4, also known as the 'Sanctuary Cities Bill' would allow law enforcement to ask people in a traffic stop or during an arrest about their immigration status. Many have opposed the soon-to-be law.

Texas will soon become the 47th state to implement a state-wide ban against texting and driving. One could still talk on the phone or use it as a GPS as long as it's being used hands free. Once caught reading or writing messages in motion, that could be a $99 fine.

Now every law is strict, some laws are strange. Texas will soon be known as an open carry state for swords. Blades longer than five and a half inched would be defined as "location restriction" knives. That means the bowie knife will be leagal for open carry.

These are interesting for sure, but it's safe to say that's what makes Texas stand out.

  • Children Left in Hot cars: House Bill 478 would protect people from getting sued after forcefully taking a child out of a locked, hot car.
  • Lottery Winners anonymous: House Bill 59 would allow lottery winners of one million dollars or more to remain anonymous
  • Improper Student-Teacher relationships: Senate Bill 7 would require principals of a school district, district of innovation or open-enrollment charter school campus to notify the superintendent after learning of an educators's termination or resignation in regards to misconduct.
  • Don't mess with Texas: House Bill 1884 would increase the fine of illegal dumping
  • Reduced Carry License Fees: Senate Bill 16 would reduce the cost of handgun license fees from $140 to $40
  • Hog Hunting: Senate Bill 3535 would allow people to hunt feral hogs from a hot air balloon