MARSHALL - What started out to be an argument between neighbors turned violent. Investigators say Tony Franklin was working outside his home when the alleged suspect, Joseph Sadecki, approached him. The quarrel was over Sadecki, who claimed Franklin was talking to the sheriffs' office about him, behind his back.

The Harrison county sheriff's office said those weren't not true. Franklin asked Sadecki to leave him alone but the suspect pulled a knife on him. Franklin suffered cuts and punctures to his chest, wrist and face. The alleged suspect then ran to his house and wouldn't come out.

Sadecki allegedly shot at deputies, thus the incident turned into a hostage situation because his mother was inside. Eventually, Sadecki was arrested for criminal attempt at capital murder and aggravated assault. His mother was arrested too after deputies said she interfered with the arrest of her son. People who live in the neighborhood didn't want to go on camera but tell CBS 19 the area is usually quiet.

Sadecki was held on a 275 thousand dollar bond. While he's behind bars, the sheriff's office said he'll go through screenings of his mental health. However, investigators believe the suspect is docile.