Before one has an aim on the white-tailed deer, Marshall Police said would-be-thieve are scoping for something else. Authorities said they've seen a rise of people leaving their car unlocked, in previous years. While hunters are loading their trucks and waiting for it to warm up, police said thieves have been waiting to snatch their items.

"It is illegal to leave your car unattached," Kelly Colvin said.

It is illegal to leave your car unattached according to the Texas Transportation Code 545.404. One can't leave the car unattended without: stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing the key from it. Hunters like Jerry Trice said he doesn't like thieves.

"If you can't legally go into a gun shop and buy a gun, then you don't need a gun," Trice said.

Before loading up the truck to hunt some deer. One should be aware of themselves or their personal items at risk. Rifles can range from $400 to $1,500 or more. Being a hunter, Trice said, is a responsibility.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, season in Smith and Gregg county will last until January 7, 2018.