LONGVIEW - The number of homeless people increasing in Longview wasn't the catalyst behind Mayor Andy Mack's task force. The mayor said he had a feeling the homeless population was growing. Addressing it [homelessness] is the right thing to do to Mack.

"There's no city that doesn't have a homeless situation in some degree," Mack said.

In the beginning of March, Mack announced in a council meeting, his plan to deal with the issue. Since then, individuals and agencies have been with the mayor, planning their first effort. Mack said the task force is split in two groups. Each group will have specific assignments and there will be multiple assignments groups will accomplish together.

According to the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, Longview experienced a 20 percent jump of homeless people under 25. Mayor Mack said the ultimate goal is to give people another chance to be a part of society again.

"This will be a time consuming effort," Mack said. "This will not solve a problem overnight or with one or two meetings."

However, Mack said he's ready for the challenge.

"We'll come up with some concrete solutions or idea that'll be implemented in some point," Mack said.

The mayor said he plans to make the task force a community effort.