In a few months, every kid, regardless of disability, will have the chance to be a superstar.

The Miracle League of East Texas begins construction on a baseball field designed for kids with disabilities.

Board member Chirs Stuckey wants this park to give these little sluggers a place of their own. "It's going to look exactly the same as a normal baseball field here in Lear Park," Stuckey says. "The only difference are special modifications for safety, such as the rubber surface."

The rubber surface is a cushion in case any kids fall. Many use wheelchairs and other walking utilities.

In the past, families would have to travel to Dallas in order for their kids to play. Now East Texans can come to Longview to see their kids in action. one of the most important safety measures is a smooth field surface.

Stuckey says growing up, there were no places for him to play. Seeing this baseball field come to life, makes it all worth it. "When we see all these kids out here, and see the joy on their face, it's pretty hard not to shed a tear," Stuckey says.

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