EAST MOUNTAIN - All Matthew Graham wanted to do was serve his community. He was the town's firefighter, then became one of it's police officers.

"I've been out here for five years, I've served the citizens here, I'm from East Mountain," Graham said. "I've been out here my whole life."

According to the Mayor Temp Pro Dwayne Brown, Graham was sent home but he wasn't let go.The fate of his career was on the line. The East Mountain police department was on the verge of being shut down.

"I've been at the house for the past 12 days wondering if I'm gonna have a job," Graham said.

Brown said the police station was going to shut down because there was a lack of funds. When asked what happened to the funds to keep a police department, council members declined to share a full explanation. They said a lawsuit had to be settled. When asked why the police chief and mayor resigned, council members declined to share any information.

East mountain can't have a police department unless it has a police chief. There were three full time officers, until the former chief resigned.

The small town is looking for a new police chief.