LONGVIEW - There's nothing funny about bullying or being one. Studies show that students who have been bullied suffered academically and their behavior outside of school changed. LaDawn Ingram is with the Partners in Prevention in Longview. When she would work with kids, Ingram said bullying is worse in 2016.

"With cyber bullying you can't get away from that," Ingram said. "A bully is someone who picks on someone else, makes them feel inferior or less of."

Ingram said she teaches her kids to stand up for someone who is being picked on. She suggested to befriend someone who is being bullied. Ingram's niece Mae Ingram attends Longview high school. Her niece said she witnessed one of her friends being picked on, she quickly addressed it.

"I told the teacher because they don't tolerate bullying and neither do I," Mae said.

October is 'Bullying prevention month' at Longview high school. Mae said she's seen less bullying on campus.