It's National Pit Bull Awareness month. It's all about changing the perceptions and stigmas surrounding pit bulls.

One East Texas couple has started a pit rescue called Pitt-A-Full Prestons Rescue.

Shauna and Jason rescue the dogs and work with them. After that, they go up for adoption. The Prestons also work to educate people about the misunderstood breed.

They say in East Texas pit bulls are over bred because breeders can make thousands off these dogs.

While many people think of pit bulls as aggressive or fighters, Jason says it's all in the training and discipline, "If you train them to be bad, they're going to be bad. If you train them to be nurturing and loving, they're going to be nurturing and loving."

Many people will get the dogs as puppies, but once it's full grown and 80 pounds it will be dropped at the pound because it doesn't know discipline.

Pitt-A-Full Prestons Rescue says one of their greatest accomplishments is teaching people to love pit bulls and to see past their reputation.