Being a bully isn't cool, according to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, 19% of students in Texas had been bullied in school.

CBS 19’s Tristan Hardy talked to a parent and her child on how they standup against bullying.

Here in Longview, the school district has zero tolerance of bullying.

There's nothing funny about bullying or being one. Studies show that students who've been bullied suffer academically and their behavior outside of school changed.

“A bully is someone who picks on someone else, makes them feel inferior or less of,” LaDawn Ingram said.

LaDawn Ingram works with the Partners in Prevention in Longview.

During the times she spent working with kids, Ingram says bullying has gotten worse

“With the cyber bullying, you can't get away from that,” Ingram said.

The lesson she instills to her kids, stand up for someone who's getting picked on.

“Be a friend, so if you see someone being bullied or someone sitting at the table by themselves, you come join them,” Ingram said.

“Like today, I saw one of my friends get picked on,” Mae Ingram, LawDawn’s niece said.

Mae goes to Longview High School. When she saw one of her friends being harassed by other students, she quickly addressed it.

“I told the teacher, cause they don't tolerate bullying and neither do I,” Mae said.

Since October is bullying prevention month at the high school, Mae says it really makes a difference on campus.

“Latley, I've been seeing a little bit less bullying, there's still gonna be bullying everywhere but there's been less,” Mae said.

Parents if your child is being bullied some of the signs are: declining grades, change in eating habits and sudden loss of friends.

So, remember to ask your kid, how was school.