National Boyfriend Day was the number one trend on Twitter Monday.

In honor of the day, CBS19 looked into dating throughout the years.

Of course, #NationalBoyfriendDay and Twitter weren't around during Sara Schloffman and Bettie Lehrman's time.

"When he was overseas, he was gone three and a half years," said Schloffman. "We wrote letters everyday."

The way we communicate is not the only thing that has changed.

"He told me before he left, he said well would you like to go out and see another movie this coming week?" said Lehrmann of her husband, Corbin Lehrman.

Fast forward to today. The world we live in is all about instant communication. Text messaging, e-mails, and social media inundate out lives, and our relationships.

Megan Christian and Caitlyn Kerner are both 15 years old.

"Most of the time now-a-days, they just ask through a text, or on Snapchat," said Christian.

"Most of the time they don't even ask they just declare it!"

Of course, there are some things that really never change.

Before Lehrmann met her husband, she had her share of bad apples.

"I found out that he was dating other women!... How dumb he was! I said oh oh.. No...I don't want none of that," she said.

As for some of the boyfriends out there, #NationalBoyfriendDay was a hit.

Christopher Collis said he likes that finally guys are getting some credit.

"You have to treat them [girls] right because there's a lot of girls that want to be treated good," said Collis.

As for Schloffman, her boyfriend turned into her husband. She said the secret to a lasting relationship, is being the best of friends.

"We just became good friends and after a while we were more than good friends," she said. "We got married on January the 3rd, 1942. It lasted 50 years."