What better way to start off the weekend than the East Texas State Fair weekend opening? The smell of those turkey legs, corny dogs and funnel cakes? It must be fair season. This year, the fair has new attractions and since its only around once a year, fair officials have searched for moments to make this year memorable.

"There's a lot of things that make this fair special," Cody Rosenbalm, the fair's spokesperson said. "You can have a lot of fun on this side of the street without going into the carnival."

A new ride named 'The Slingshot' is available for visitors to experience. One would be strapped on to a seat and then shot into the air 180 feet. The fair wanted to add more live entertainment. Instead of 17 shows, officials made room for 32 guest to perform.

The fair also added pig races and pony rides. Plus, a real tiger show is in the schedule. It appeared to have already swept in crowds to see.

The East Texas State Fair will last until Oct. 1. That's nine days of fried food, roller coasters, games and entertainment.