Constable Aaron Davlin has had security cameras set up inside and outside his home for over four years now.

"I want to have not only my house, but my neighbors protected as well, that’s why I put all of these cameras up on my house, and alarm system," said Davlin.

His security cameras came in handy when his neighborhood was hit by three suspects breaking into vehicles.

"It was late Sunday morning, my neighbor down the street asked me to go back and watch my video cameras to see if anybody was walking down the street. He said, his wife got up and found their car door that was open that morning," said Davlin, "I did see what it looked like to be 2:45 in the morning, three subjects walking down the road. They actually went into my neighbors across the street and checking out their garage so I called my neighbor to tell him I did find something on the cameras and that he might want to call the police and make a report."

After realizing that it wasn't just his neighbor, he took to the NextDoor app to inform the rest of the neighborhood of what was going on.

"I think the social media is very good at things like this so that’s why I put it on the NextDoor App and Facebook as well...I want everyone to know what’s going on in the neighborhood.” said Davlin.