Pets are making their way to East Texas from the Houston area.

Nicholas Pet Haven received five kittens over the weekend and are looking for a foster family to help.

"Well, what happened is a gentleman went to Walmart for maintenance in his truck. They were in the toolbox, and the mechanic kept asking him, 'What is that noise?' He said, 'It's kittens,'" adoption and foster director, Lynn Harty, explained.

The kittens rode with the man from Houston, and he had nowhere to put them. Harty said the mechanic called Nicholas Pet Haven.

"We're bottle feeding them right now," she said. "We aren't sure where the mom is, or if she is alive."

Harty said they have more than a dozen people asking to help foster animals, but will need many more as evacuees continue to seek refuge in the east Texas area.

"We even have people asking from Arkansas and Ohio," she said.

Harty said people are also offering to foster farm animals.

If anyone has animals rescued from Hurricane Harvey they cannot care for, Nicholas Pet Haven will keep kennels open, free of charge.

You can donate pet food to the shelter at 12903 Highway 155 South in Tyler.