When you go to cast your vote, accuracy is critical. On day two of early voting in East Texas, we received claims of ballot flipping.

It all started with a comment on our Facebook page. Casey Clark expressed his concerns, writing: "Why are you (the media) not reporting on the fact that people here in our local east Texas early voting stations are having their ballots flipping to Clinton when we voted Trump...The media is as corrupt as The Clintons!"

CBS 19 reached out to Clark for comment, but he did not respond.

Smith County Elections Administrator Karen Nelson said she has not heard any complaints of ballot flipping. Voters are able to review their votes prior to final submission, making it simple to double-check.

"It gives the voter an opportunity to go back over their ballot. They can make changes at that time if they want to," Nelson said.

Smith County voter Hunter Blalock said he is not worried about ballot flipping. Having the opportunity to look over his votes a final time gave him comfort.

"Everybody needs to get out and vote and make sure to double check their ballot before sending it in," Blalock said. "That should cover all the bases."

Blalock believes there is still room for error.

"Computers are able to fail and able to be manipulated to whatever somebody wants it to do, so it is possible," he said.

Nelson said if a voter is having any kind of issue while voting, stop and alert an elections clerk for help.

Surrounding counties - Upshur, Gregg, Rusk and Cherokee - have not received any complaints. Cherokee County Elections Administrator Shannon Cornelius said she has seen allegations on social media surfacing, but nothing directed at her county.

"We have not had any issues whatsoever," Cornelius said. "Just like taking a test, you can look over your vote."

The Justice Department and the FBI are protecting East Texans against voter fraud. The FBI can be reached in Tyler at 903-592-4301 and in Lufkin at 936-637-3834.