FRANKSTON - It appears the superintendent John Allen has certainly made an impact to the Frankston school district. CBS 19 acquired letters from teachers and staff members, which explained why they left. One from a secretary said "my second year has been a nightmare."

People in the community said the uproar began when the former high school principal Donnie Lee was laid off. It was without warning, just two months before the previous school ended. Teachers and staff members claimed Allen was bullying and harassing them. The open forum during a school board meeting seemed to be intense. Allen didn't respond to anyone who stood at the podium.

"Maybe the way he went about it was wrong," said Jamie Jones, who's children attend Frankston schools.

If the harassment claims are true, Jones said she would understand why teachers left. She believes Allen's approach to those with issues could have been handled differently.

"These are good teachers," Jones said. "Alot of them touch lives for a long time. Even after school."

Former school board members such as Louis Clakely said the level of trust between the community and the Frankston administration is broken. He believes the lack of communication from the school board and the superintendent played into it.

"All I'm interested in is the welfare of those kids," Clakely said. "The last two times I've been to a board meeting, he's not impressed me."

Sources told CBS 19 if teachers and staff have filed a harassment claim on the superintendent, the school board is attempting to have teachers start a grievance process. CBS 19 also reached out to superintendent John Allen and the members of the Frankston school board, but they have not responded to requests for comment.