Many believe East Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling is on President-elect Donald Trump’s short list to become Treasury Secretary in his new administration.

Back in Dallas Friday, Hensarling spoke one-on-one with CBS 19's Bret Vetter about his meeting at Trump Tower.

“He was kind. He was gracious. He asks a lot of questions ill tell you that,” Hensarling said.

While not wanting to discuss the specific details of the meeting, he says that he and the president-elect see eye to eye on fiscal issues and share similar goals.

“I told him I am on his team. I want to help drain the swamp. I want to help get the economy working for working people,” Hensarling said.

Hensarling went on to say trump offered no hints at whether he would be selected, but that he would happy serving any role trump has in mind.

“I told him that if he is interested in putting me in somewhere else,.i’m on his team. So, whether I’m playing half back or tight end, I’m just there to help,” Hensarling said.

President-elect Trump will continue to meet with prospective candidates for his new cabinet at Trump Tower next week.