LONGVIEW - the future is looking bright in Longview. After months of research and having the market studied, downtown and the I-20 corridor could get a make over. A plan that's been in the making for years. It's been part of the city's comprehensive plan for years.

Downtown could see new businesses, town homes and a private school. the future is looking bright in Longview. Streets would be improved and neglected property would be demolished on the I-20 corridor. It is possible to see an amphitheater in the future. Those who attended the told CBS 19 they want to see what's in store for the future.

Izra Adams who attended one of the meeting said he "wants what's best for the city." He said the revitalization could provide residents job, thus boosting the economy.

All that is left is for the city council to make a final decision. If and when the city council makes the approval. Longview could see changes by 2027.