LINDALE - Kendrick Adkins had to step up in his family after his father Ken Adkins didn't come home one day.

"What I really think I'm gonna miss the most is sitting up in this house on the couch with him watching TV," Adkins said. "Ain't gonna get that back."

Adkins said the time with out his father around has been difficult with his little brother. His father has been missing since May 31 of 2015. His cousin Llewellyn Adkins is charged with his murder. However, Ken's body has never been found, which raised suspicion among the family about his disappearance.

The family said Upshur county District Attorney Billy Byrd was trying to schedule a bench trail instead of a jury trial. Something the Adkins family don't agree with.

"The D.A.. is putting us at a uneasy spot between a rock and a hard place where we already was but they're just making it harder for us," Kendrick Adkins said.

Adkins described his father as a funny man with a strong work ethic who was well known in his community. Ken Adkins' house has been vacant for a year and his family said they haven't had a funeral for him yet. Ken's first cousin Kelvin Tunstle said his family is so close.

"He's too well liked for it to go down that way," Tunstle said. "I don't know what happened but I wish it didn't."

CBS 19 tried to contact the Upshur county DA but haven't heard back.

"I miss my father so much I'd give anything in the world to see him back," Kendrick Adkins said. "There's a lot things I'd do right now just to know where he is."

The Adkins family are left to wait for more answers.