The Tyler Professional Firefighter’s Association is preparing for this year’s ‘Turn Tyler Pink’ event. It will be held Saturday Oct. 14 in conjunction with the 'Hit the Bricks' event that takes place in downtown Tyler.

The event aims to educate people about the disease, how it’s it treated and what preventative measures can be taken.

Susan Murray discovered she had breast cancer in October of 2011. She said her diagnosis led her to attend 'Turn Tyler Pink' for the first time.

"It was like three days later and it changed my life," said Murray.

Murray said the information she gathered at the event was vital for her battle against cancer. She said once she saw the community support, she immediately knew she would become a survivor.

"I remember seeing this pink fire truck and you could sign the truck,” said Murray. “We signed the truck that I am a survivor and I wasn't even a survivor yet."

Paul Findley, with the Tyler Fire Department, said the event was started in 2009 as a way to help one of their own.

"Our firefighting family was touched and affected with one of our member's spouses," said Findley.

He went on to say as the event evolves, organizers make sure the funds stay in East Texas.

"The vast majority of the funding stays local, local women's cancer awareness organizations," said Finley.

Murray said she hopes the Turn Tyler Pink event will continue to grow. She went on to say she hopes others have the support she had while battling cancer.

"I like going there and just being supportive,” said Murray. “If anyone has any questions or anything, I can tell them my story."