A family broken by grief finds strength that leads to the greatest blessing of all: Family. Trying to make sense of deeply rooted sorrow, Brenda and Gary Gorman have had quite a life journey, and it’s not over yet.

In 2005, the Gorman family had already adopted one child and were in the process of adding a second daughter named Zia. She passed away during the adoption process.

Through deep love and loss, they felt God trying to show them something and leading them to help special needs children. They discovered it didn’t require a special family, just an ordinary one willing to let God knit an extraordinary family together.

Unable to have kids on their own, in 2013, they got a call from the international adoption agency they had been working with about a little girl named Aicha. She was born with Cerebral Palsy.

International adoptions can be tricky especially for kids with special needs. It can take years.

While Brenda was living in Africa trying to get Aicha home, the agency matched another child to the Gorman family. Her name is Abigale. She was discarded at birth and rescued by people in the African village where she was born. She is blind and believed to be autistic. The Gormans eventually adopted both girls.

This loving couple says they wanted to bring home a child who otherwise would not have an opportunity like their daughter Zia, who was 4 when they were hoping to make her a part of their family. However, because of Zia’s terminal illness, time was not on their side. She had a heart condition and was rushed to the hospital from the airport. Zia died 33 days later before her adoption was official.

But Brenda Gorman was bound to make Zia an official part of the family even after she died. Finally, a judge in Dallas helped them finalize the adoption with pictures. Today, always with Zia in mind, the Gorman’s are a happy family of 5. However, in about two weeks they will add a 6th. They are adopting 4-year- old Ava from China. This little girl has Down Syndrome and in China is considered “unadoptable.” To the Gorman family, Ava is anything but that. They describe her as “worthy” and can’t wait to get her in their arms for good.

Ava will join Eliana, who is now 8 years old. She was adopted at birth in Texas. Aicha, 11 years old, who is full of personality and joined the family from the African nation of Niger in April, 2015. And 6- year-old Abigale who became part of the family in September, 2015.

Surprisingly, the Gormans say the grief they endured years ago actually gives them hope today. “If we didn’t go through losing Zia, if she didn’t pass away and leave us with such a hole in our hearts, we would not have Abby and we would not have Aicha and soon Ava.” said Brenda gratefully.

Brenda and Gary say adopting special needs children forever changes you and leaves you with a deeper understanding of love.

To help the Gorman family adopt Ava, a fund has been set up at: www.adopttogether.org/gormangang.

To inquire about an East Texas child waiting to be adopted call 903-533- 4242 or email gsheridan@cbs19.tv.