November is National Adoption Awareness Month and East Texans are taking part in a number of ceremonies. Special adoption days are happening across the state this month. Smith County held its Adoption Day November 18th.

One of the couples adding the gift of children on this special day was the Horn family.

“It’s a joyful thing. It’s a blessing,” said Clotilda Horn, after adopting two children.

Unlike many adoptive parents, Clotilda and her husband, Ellis, already knew 5-year-old Ka’Nyriah and her little brother, 4-year-old Quavean, before becoming part of their family. That’s because they belonged to a relative.

“They couldn’t take care of them and they ended up in CPS. The dad was all for us adopting them because he knew we could give them a good home. He knew that the kids wouldn’t want for anything and they would be loved and taken care of,” shared Clotilda.

Looking up at her new mom and dad Ka'Nyriah softly said, “I like them playing hide-and- seek with me and I ride my bike and my daddy tells me to stop with my brakes.”

There are more than 6,300 children in the care of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services awaiting adoption right now, according to the state agency.

“When you take on two other lives your life stops for a minute so you can put them first.” Clotilda goes on to say, “You have to make sure they are included in everything you’re doing. If you have a kid and they’re just sitting around home practically doing nothing and you don’t take them out and let them experience different stuff they’re not going to know if you love them.”

The Horn family calls Quavean their “miracle baby” because he was born with lots of medical issues. He has since made drastic improvements. They were told Ka’Nyriah had a lot of behavior issues, but they say that all went away once someone showed her unconditional love.

“That’s what got him healing and that‘s what got her going. It was all the love and understanding and all the Godly stuff that they’re going through and the schools and all the people that love them.”

When going through the adoption process Ellis and Clotilda say the key to success for a family is support. For a child, they say the key to success is knowing someone will always be there for them.

Clotilda acknowledged, “When a kid walks in a home and says ‘I’m home’ or ‘I’m at my house’ you know that they love you!”

You can get information on other east Texas children waiting for a forever family by calling 903-533-4242 or email