In July of 2014 we introduced you to Nick and Erica in CBS 19’s Children are a Gift. They told us they wanted a family who would love them, pay attention to them and, most of all, a family who would love them for who they are. We are happy to report their dream has finally come true.

For this new family of four many prayers have now been answered.

“We couldn’t have children of our own so we took the next step. God put us in the right place at the right time,” said John, who prefers to not use a last name to protect the children.

Roxanne, John’s wife, added, “We always thought we would adopt younger children so when we adopted older children we kind of just went with it and we didn’t know what to expect.”

Nick and Erica, now 13 and 11 years old, were separated in foster care and desperately wanted to be adopted together.

“He means a lot to me. He’s like my best friend,” acknowledge Erica about her brother.

“I like being with my sister [in our new home.] It’s better than being away from her,” noted Nick.

The first time Roxanne and John met these siblings, they knew something was special.

“We talked about it and we prayed over it and I think instantly when we got home we were like these are the kids that we want to adopt,” shared Roxanne.

That feeling was mutual.

Erica commented, “Something just changed when I met them. It was just like an instant click!”

“Long before adoption day I had already accepted them as my parents. We had a talk and I started realizing they cared,” said Nick. “They didn’t want me cause they couldn’t have kids of their own. They really wanted me cause they love me.”

Their wait in foster care had been long, but their bond with their new parents was almost instant. However that’s not to say it wasn’t “an adventure,” as Erica describes it.

“We’ve had a lot of good moments. We’ve cried together. We’ve laughed together. It’s a learning experience for everybody. We both are learning and growing together,” assured Roxanne.

And a lot of change is happening in Nick and Erica, for the better.

“The greatest thing I’ve seen in the kids is improvement in their education,” said John.

Both are now exceptional students and involved in activities. They “give it their all” and are boosting their self-confidence.

“I feel good about myself and [they] just make me feel good and make me feel loved and cared for. My grades have gone up a lot because they help me with my homework,” said Erica.

“My thoughts on life are different. Like I appreciate school more,” said Nick of his straight-A report card.

This brother and sister say they owe it all to two people who gave them unconditional love and support.

“She’s an awesome mom and my dad is amazing too,” said Erica with a big smile.

Nick chimed in, “My mom is great! She helps me with everything. And I’ve never had a dad and he’s like my actual dad now. He’s helping me become a man like I should be when I get older and help me be successful.”

It was emotional for Roxanne and John to explain what these children mean to them.

“Just a loss for words really,” said John fighting back tears. “They are my life. They keep me going. They make me a better man!”

Roxanne summed it up by saying, “They are our world! Every day we wake up we think of them. We think about their future and the things that we want for them.”

John and Roxanne are very proud of their children’s accomplishment already and what they have overcome all because they believed Children are a Gift.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. We are very happy,” said Nick.

Erica gazed over at her parents and said, “We love them a lot!”

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