This Children are a Gift report features two sisters who are so close in age they're often mistaken for twins. Hoping to make lasting impression, Natalie, 9, and Payton, 8, were dressed up in their Sunday best.

The sisters have spent the last several years in foster care and they're ready for a new beginning.

Natalie says it's really important that she's adopted with her sister.

"I want to have a home with her," she said. "I want to have a new family with her and everything."

This big sister speaks highly of her little sister. Natalie says Payton's greatest quality is her empathy. She's always concerned for others.

“She means a lot to me," Natalie shared. "She's really nice and really sweet."

Payton is quick to steal anyone's heart. Both she and Natalie are polite and full of energy.

“I like to play," Payton said with a big smile. "I like to ride horses and I like to swing."

These beautiful girls were placed in foster care because of a chronic history of abuse and neglect in their biological home. Payton and Natalie need a family who can give them structure and a lot of love.

“I pray that I get adopted to a really nice adoptive home," Natalie acknowledged.

Payton kept it simple and says all she wants is a good family.

Natalie and Payton smile at the opportunity to one day have a second chance to be called "daughter" in a forever family who adopts them together.

To learn more about these sisters, join Gillian Sheridan for her Children are a Gift report next Tuesday night on CBS19 News at 6 and Wednesday on CBS19 This Morning. You can get information about east Texas children waiting for a forever family by called 903-533-4242 or email