Art comes in many different forms. As we celebrate Pablo Picasso's birthday we remember his legacy of cubism, and how he changed the art world.

Picasso inspires Raymond Guest, in both his artwork and how he dealt with mental illness.

"I was diagnosed as bi-polar," Guest says. "Art became therapy for me."

Guest started creating art under a shade tree in his backyard years ago. Now he works out of two large storage units and a warehouse in Longview.

Prior to being an artist he was a professional picker, who would look for rare finds in junkyards. Now he uses that junk for material.

"I create something from nothing, and I create more of what I want to see in the world," Guest tells us.

Much of his art represents his struggle.

"I wish I could be doing this my whole life, I drank, I drugged, went to jail, and I did all the bad stuff and never knew I could do this stuff," Guest says.

Guest has showcased his artwork in museums and sold pieces throughout the country. HIs most expensive piece sold for $2,500.

"Everyone likes this stuff because they have never seen anything like it," Guest says. "I don't sell a lot here, but New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, all up and down the East Coast."

Guest says he has the same mission as Picasso. to make the world a better place through art.

To learn more about Raymond Guest and his business Recycled Salvage Design visit- http://www,