With the gift-giving season upon us, the holidays also mean it's gift-taking season for thieves.

According to a survey done by Xfinity Home, 30% of Americans have experienced packages being stolen and more than half of Americans say they know someone who's been a victim of package theft.

Jan and Rita have only lived in Lindale a week and have already fallen victim to these package thieves.

Jan says they aren't the only ones, neighbors have also come forward with complaints of missing packages.

The Lindale Police Department urges people to take precautions this online shopping season.

1. Set up a P.O. Box

2. If allowed, have the package sent to your place of work

3. Add security cameras

4. Have someone you trust pick up the package if you're not home

Simple steps can be taken to ensure your online orders get where they are supposed to be and stay there.