It's been six weeks since a Palestine teen ended up in the ICU after being beaten in the locker room at the high school.

The family of Michael Stanczak tells CBS19 they are still healing.

According to a police report, Le'George Marquez Gray confronted Stanczak in the locker room about money he owed after losing a basketball game. Stanczak stated he would get the $5.00 owed to Gray "when he could."

Stanczak then states that Gray started pushing him more trying to instigate a fight. Gray then started punching Stanczak, according to the report.

Gray was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Stanczak was sent to Children's Hospital in Dallas with a broken nose, jaw and other injuries.

"All he wanted was to graduate," Michael's mother, Angie Stanczak, said.

With multiple learning disabilities, and now possible brain trauma, he will not be graduating in the spring. Angie said she is not putting him back in Palestine High School.

"I did not have confidence that I could trust them to take care of my child. They already had their chance," she said. "It's horrific, and if we don't make these individuals accountable for their actions, then other children in the future will suffer."

Angie's complaints did not go unheard. She received responses from both the Attorney General's Office and the White House, sharing their condolences for her son.

Michael is going to therapy to treat PTSD from the fight.