The news of Michael Stanczak's serious injuries is not easy for his friend Baltazar Ruis to grasp. Stanczak is a loveable person with an outgoing personality, to Ruis. That's why it came as a shock to him when he heard about the fight he had with 17 year old, Le'George Gray.

"When I seen it [picture of Stanczak's injuries] I was like 'wow', couldn't believe it," Ruis said.

The fight between the two football players Wednesday, left Stanczak, 18, with severe facial injuries. Palestine police arrested Gray, Thursday, and is charged with aggravated assault. CBS 19 learned he'll be tried as an adult. Ruis described them to be good friend, almost like brothers.

"Michael would have him over to his place, they played video games together," Ruis said.

Police said the dispute between the two allegedly started because Stanczak owed Gray $5 after losing to a game of basketball. According to the police report, Gray punched him in the face multiple times until their teammates broke up the fight. Stanczak's mother told CBS 19 he's suffered a broken jaw and nose and has underwent surgery.The altercation has been the talk around town as well as on social media, but Ruis said he's not passing judgment.

"I understand he did that," Ruis said. "But you shouldn't be talking about someone you don't know."

Ruis is says Gray isn't a violent person and he hopes people will pray for him and his teammate. While Stanczak is on the road to recovery, his family told CBS 19 they still 'love and forgive' Gray. Palestine ISD released a statement, in part:

"The high school and athletic department are conducting an investigation and will make a disciplinary decision based on the student code of conduct."