CBS 19 reached out to one of the parents who says his son's rights were violated. This, after he filed a complaint with police that accused a district administrator and a teacher for strip searching his son. Police said the teacher allegedly identified himself as an active law enforcement officer, which wasn't the case. J. Williams didn't wish to speak on camera, however, he issued a statement.

"When you drop off your child at school you should feel 100% that your child is going to be safe. You should never have to hear that their Civil Rights were violated and an illegal strip search was conducted during their time at school. This is a blatant violation of the 4th Amendment and your Civil Rights Do Not End at the door of their Public School!"

According Crocket Police, there were two separate incidents involving two 15-year-old boys. The teens were searched after they were accused of having contraband on campus. In response to what happened, the Crockett ISD superintendent, Terry Myers released a statement.

"Crockett ISD initiates student searches in the interest of the safety of students and staff. Our policies and procedures concerning student searches are continuously reviewed. Crockett ISD is very concerned with affording students the rights and privileges due to each individual. We take this responsibility seriously. Crockett ISD has not intentionally violated the rights of any student and will strive to ensure that student rights are not violated in the future."

The November case has been sent to the Houston County District Attorney's office for review. The complaint filed January 9 in the October incident, is under investigation. The TEA and CPS have been notified of both cases.