Parents at the Brook Hill School in Bullard claim they will be homeschooling their children next year after what they allege are harsh rules enforced on their child, and other rules that may impede on their constitutional rights.

Rudy and Yvonne Wright allege their child was sent home from school several days in a row because of hair color that the school called “not natural.”

The Wrights allege the school officials said as long as their child toned down the blue roots, the style would be fine. however, when she did, they sent her home a second time, asking her to change it again. The parents say the school kept raising the bar, and sent her home a third time, insisting that the color still wasn’t “natural” enough.

In addition, the Wright's are Jehovah's witnesses, and complain a letter sent home earlier in the year in response to National Anthem protests impedes on their religious freedoms.

"It’s really heartbreaking when rules are put forth that potentially violate the freedom of religion," said Wright. "And then other rules are applied randomly, and applied overly harsh to us."

Wright said if the school had told the family on the first day that the hair style was not allowed, it would have been acceptable. "But to put us through this emotional anguish, and deal with a heartbroken child, we have decided we are going to go ahead and home school from now on," he said.

Wright said out of frustration, their daughter has decided to shave her hair entirely.

The school’s headmaster, Rod Fletcher, said "It would be inappropriate for me to address a special student or incident. We do have a dress code that includes grooming guidelines. From time to time we ask students to make adjustments to adhere to the guidelines. We asked students not to protest the playing of the national anthem. Abstaining respectfully for religious reasons could be very different."