CBS 19 acquired dash cam video that showcased a Longview police officer flagging down three racers. In the video, one of the drivers can be heard spinning their tires just before they're off. I happened on Loop 281 and Gilmer. Police said the driver turned off the headlights and ran a red light on Bill Owens parkway.

Police arrested 18 year old Juan Rico, who's charged for: racing on a highway and evading arrest. Street races on Loop 281 is something Kynara Coleman knows all too well. She's seen drivers take off on that road and said it's irresponsible.

"You can get a ticket, you can injure yourself or somebody else," Coleman said. "People just want to go fast. It's multiple lanes so people go fast to out-speed each other."

The Loop is described to be a 'straight shot' and the speed limit around there is 45 to 50 miles per hour. Back in April, police arrested two men for street racing on the loop. The issue is something people on social media bring up at times. One Facebook user described the sounds of people racing to be something out of NASCAR.

As for Rico, he's behind bars with a hefty bond. People said the thrill of it isn't worth the punishment. Street racing can lead up to a Class B misdemeanor, which would include fines or jail time.