Residents in one area of Lake Palestine are cleaning up after a strong storm blew through on July 23, demolishing parts of houses and toppling a huge, mature tree.

Don Kiser sent in these photos, saying:

Our sunroom that was demolished by the wind was 15' x 20', metal and glass construction with a 4" metal and foam roof all screwed into to our home and roof structure. We experienced structural roof damage when the roof blew off. The roof was lifted up over our home and large oak tree in the front yard, then across the street and over power lines to land in our neighbor's driveway. Another piece of the roof traveled two more houses down and damages the top of another neighbor's roof. Also, you'll see our next door neighbor's oak tree that is down. It was living and looked in great shape. Sad to lose one like this. The root ball on this 30' across. Thank the Lord no one was hurt.

The National Weather Service has not yet released any information on the storm.