Shiloh Baptist Church Pastor, Delbert Simpson, says he knew last night’s storm would leave a mark on the 146-year-old church, but it also left a message.

Insulation and other debris are scattered around a heavy damaged room but a picture of the Ten Commandments was still hanging on the wall.

Seeing that picture gave Pastor Simpson and other church members hope. Simpson says it helped him to understand God.

Many trees were also lifted from their roots and spread across the church's cemetery. Church members tell me they will spend the next few days cleaning.

Many say this disaster will bring the congregation closer to each other.

They plan to still have service on Sunday, but have not yet decided whether to have it in the sanctuary or gym. Pastor Simpson says the sanctuary was not affected too bad.

If you would like to help with the cleanup Pastor Simpson asks you to stop by the church at 1238 Shiloh Rd in Longview.