LONGVIEW - City officials have a list of ideas for Longview to make it more progressive. It was an opportunity for residents to brainstorm with them.

The meeting held all an effort to plan for what is in store for the future of Longview. Townhomes, landscaping improvements and revitalizing the retail are a few examples of what could happen. Residents expressed how a community park would be nice or more restaurants in the downtown area.

Downtown Longview could have an entertainment scene to attract younger crowds. There are plans to improve streets and add more businesses around the interstate 20 corridor. City leaders like Kasha Williams said she embraces the idea of a revitalized Longview.

"All entrances to any community need to be vibrant," Williams said. "It is long overdue that we place more emphasis on I-20 and other entrances to our community."

Since Longview is a growing market, the goal is to make the city in its entirety more welcoming to visitors. Residents said they believe it is steps to beautifying their community.