The Election is less than two weeks away and one Longview bakery has created a fun way to celebrate the election. Edible Art Specialty Cakes and Cookies is selling Republican, Democratic, I Voted, and Texas cookies.

The cookies have become a hit and people have been using them for many different ways.

"I've seen people buy them and then stomp on the opposite party," Owner Debbie Fontaine says. "Even broken apart the opposite party's legs and eaten them."

Edible Art can create almost any kind of cake or cookie. They have been in business for almost ten years. Fontaine hopes the cookies will inspire people to vote regardless of their party affiliation. So far the cookies have been selling evenly.

For those who do not want to buy a party cookie, "I Voted" and Texas State cookies are available. Just for coming into Edible Art, Fontaine will give you a free Texas cookie.

Edible Art is located at 504 W. South Street in Longview. If you would like to order some cookies call 903-234-2114 or email them at