KILGORE - Sheryia Grant hasn't posted anything new on her Facebook for almost two months. The 20-year-old was supposed to have her baby daughter Lyanna Elise-Ree Grant on September 16. Her daughter would be a month old. Grant's sister, Sheaira Grant, said she doesn't want people to forget her sibling.

"She's still missing," Grant said.

After her house mysteriously caught on fire, CBS 19 sent a freedom of information act request to the fire department. They were looking for answers to whether or not Grant's home was set on fire intentionally.

"Whatever happens the truth will come out," Grant said. "What happens in the dark comes to the light."

The city attorney Robert Schleier responded the request with a letter that said there is an active investigation to possible arson and insurance fraud.

CBS 19 contacted Sheryia Grant's aunt Ray-Neshia Kervin by phone. She said she doesn't believe the fire has anything to do with insurance. The house the Grant sisters lived in was a rental and Sheaira was at work while it was on fire.

"If anybody that know her [Sheaira] is that she always works over night," Kervin said. "If anybody would get money from the house burning down it would be the land lord and I don't think he would set his house on fire."

Kervin said she feels like she's left in the dark because her family is still waiting for any information about her niece's whereabouts.

"It's aggravating how long this case been and all we can do is just keep praying and never give up, we need closure," Kervin said.

The Kilgore police department said they're confident Sheryia Grant will be found. Since her missing case switched to a criminal investigation, Kervin said she believes the department is doing what they can to find her.

There is a 10 thousand dollar reward for information leading to her whereabouts.