People are lining up to buy their own, hoping to be the lucky person to win the big prize. Some say the jackpot is too high to not play.

The chances may be slim but East Texans are still trying to win this mega lottery.

“I don’t care what the odds are, i’m getting a ticket,” Jack Abott says. “This might be my lucky day!

Big Papa's in Longview opened three weeks ago, and already has a lotto winner from a scratch off. I met a lotto player who says he buys tickets to win and support the lottery's education efforts.

“Even if I don’t win some of the money will go towards education, which really needs a boost in funding,” Tony Sampson says.

Other people I spoke with say it is better to have a ticket and lose then never have a shot to win. This a life changing amount of money that they wouldn't pass up.

A few people were against buying lottery tickets. They say there is no point because of the low odds.

“It’s gambling, something I’m not into or want to be a part of at all,” Marcy Thomas says. “Throwing money away even if it is only a couple of bucks.”

Tomorrow night the lottery numbers will be chosen. Please stay tuned to CBS 19 News for the announcement.