BULLARD - While investigators are looking for 10 year old Kayla Gomez-Orozco, the people of Bullard offered their support by gathering at the city hall for a moment of prayer.

The news of Kayla Gomez-Orozco gone missing shocked people while leaving her family in disbelief. Kayla's older brother Kenneth said he's waiting for a miracle or something to give him and his family hope.

Scott Brown is one of the pastors who lead the prayer vigil. In a time of crisis, the preacher said prayer is all is left to do sometimes.

"Our hearts are heavy as clergy, pastors [and] as dads," Brown said.

Investigators spent the day doing all they could do to find someone who recognized Kayla. Her cousin Esther Zivalla attended the prayer vigil. Zivalla said Kayla always enjoyed spending time with her family.

"My daughter and her [Kayla] are inseparable when it comes to church or anywhere we go," Zivalla said. "All we ask is for people to continue to pray."

Zivalla said the prayer vigil is 'bitter-sweet'. She said she's thankful for the support from the community. However, she's hurt that her little cousin has vanished. Zivalla admitted she's trying to stay positive through everything.