Longview Regional Medical Center is hosting their fifth annual screening event. Doctors are checking teenager heart rhythms, blood flow and looking for any abnormalities.

“We want to check for anything now than wait for a traumatic problem on the field,” Dr. Jonathan Greifenkamp says.

The American Heart Association says heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among all ages.

They estimate roughly 66 athletes in the U.S. die from sudden cardiac arrest each year.

Having a heart screening significantly lowers that risk, and can alert parents if their child does have a problem.

Texas Legislature is currently working on House Bill 767. Making it mandatory for e-c-g screenings for all public high school athletes.

The bill has passed in the House and is currently waiting for A Senate vote.

"I kind of want to grow up and be a nurse and for this to happen it was really cool and makes me want to do it more." Student athlete Maleigh Feldhauser says.

Doctors advise everyone to get a yearly heart screening.