Protecting the callers identity is very important to law enforcement agencies.

Gregg County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Tubb, is the community liaison for Gregg County Crime Stoppers.

“There's a special crime stoppers line that it rings in, the line is different from most lines we have in dispatch,” Deputy Tubb says. “It is not recorded it does not show up your information."

From there the dispatcher has a list of protocols on how to handle your call.

"They're given a specific set of instructions that are designed for anonymity purposes but they can still communicate with the Crime Stoppers program," Deputy Tubb says.

Deputy Tubb also tells me Crime Stoppers is a national organization that is not operated by any law enforcement agency.

It's made up of 12 community volunteers who work with law enforcement.

Many times, Crime Stoppers offer rewards for information on a crime. Even anonymous tipsters receive rewards, based on following a set of instructions.

To uphold the integrity of the program, Tubb says they will not reveal those instructions.

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