To Drew Corbitt, going to Puerto Rico was a life changing experience. He recently worked on the island as a sub contractor. Even though Hurricane Maria's arrival was a devastation, it's still a beautiful place to him.

During his two month stay, he says he's learned valuable lessons that he took back home. For example, the importance of having electricity or having a roof over his head is something he doesn't take for granted.

"There were several houses I was in where the roof was almost ripped off like the top of a can of sardines," Corbitt recalled.

The Category Four storm struck the island back in September, which left more than three billion people without power. Officials said about half was restored. Something Corbitt described as heart-breaking.

Statistics showcased Maria causing the largest blackout in U.S. history. Some areas haven't had power in close to four months.

"There's a lot of need for rebuilding," Corbitt said. "That's kind of the next phase."

Despite what the people on the island have faced, Corbitt said he's hopefully for the people of Puerto Rico. Since he's back home in Longview, Corbitt said people there need 'boots on the ground' and more physical volunteers.

Puerto Rican government officials said they hope to have power restored to the rest of the island by the end of Spring.