Kimberly Werner used to have a concrete bench to sit in front of her son's grave site. Since it's removal, all was left is the imprint from where it stood. Taped to the tombstone was a note informing Werner the bench was moved. A note, that according to Facebook, others found on their loved one's grave sites as well.

"It's hard enough to lose a child and have to actually bury your baby," Werner said. "It's disgusting to me that somebody would do this."

People claimed the Whitehouse Cemetery Association didn't inform them ahead of time. Mellody Morgan said her family's concrete bench was there since 2002 and there weren't any problems before.

"That's sad, they didn't notify us," Morgan said.

Concrete benches and a few personal items were removed from grave sites and placed under a pavilion. A note, attached to the items said in part:

"The cemetery rules adopted by the Whitehouse Cemetery Association require all benches to be fabricated of granite or marble."

CBS 19 reached out to the number the note said to call, but didn't receive a clear answer. Terry Hanks, a WCA board member, refused to elaborate.

People with loved ones said nothing can justify why they removed the items without proper notice. CBS 19 hasn't heard back from the WCA.