After making landfall early Thursday morning, Tropical Storm Cindy continues on its path toward the upper Texas coast. As Cindy nears, organizations like the Red Cross are making themselves available for people in need of assistance.

The Red Cross currently has shelters open in the Galveston County area. Local services in East Texas are also working to make sure people are prepared.

American Red Cross Executive Director, Tammy Prater, said they're actively monitoring the situation, reaching out to volunteers in the northern and eastern parts of the state. Prater said they also have a command structure in the works if a response becomes necessary.

But, Prater said these types of storms are something the Red Cross actively prepares for year round.

"We're actually working to gather partners and find facilities where we can operate shelters. We're recruiting people and training volunteers, so that when something should happen, we can make a response and help take care of people," Prater said.

Prater also said a good way for families to prepare can be broken down into three parts, making a plan, building a kit and getting informed. She said the best way to do this is by downloading the American Red Cross emergency alert app, which can monitor alerts based on a person's location and send notifications to his or her phone.

The app is also emergency specific and can advise users what to do for each type of storm before, during and after it happens.

For more information about the Red Cross emergency alert app, visit their website.