PALESTINE - The Reagan Park was filled with people who shared a memory of Brandy Mosley. Those who knew her described her as a professional woman who was thriving in her own business. Many also described the Palestine mom as kind.

33 year-old Mosley and her family were spent time at the Crystal Beach Monday afternoon. Her four year old son was having trouble swimming, so she went into the water to assist him. Her son made it to shore, unfortunately she did not. Friends of Mosley declined to talk to us on camera. However, when the news of her death surfaced, they were shocked to find out, but told CBS 19 it spoke of her character.

Even though her business was important to her, friends told CBS 19 her four year-old meant everything to her. The coast guard spent hours looking for Mosley. She was found and identified Tuesday morning.

Family and friends joined hands and shared a prayer out loud. Some expressed how grateful they were to know someone like Mosley, others using it a moment to grieve. The impact she had on their lives spoke for itself during the vigil.