State Rep. Matt Schaefer visited CBS 19 Wednesday evening to speak to Bryan Boes about how his office was misled by a white nationalist group who posed as a veteran's organization.

The deceit began when a man who represented the group,"Tomorrow Belongs to Texas" contacted Shaefer's office for help in receiving approval to hold a rally for local conservatives in Austin.

Schaefer said that the group made themselves appear like they just wanted to support Gov. Abbott and President Trump's policies at their rally so, initially his office set out to help those constituents.

Upon receiving a tip to look into the organization's dealings, Schaefer's staff discovered "Tomorrow Belongs to Texas" was really a white nationalist group.

After becoming aware of the group's true intentions and beliefs, Schaefer's office withdrew the request for the rally's approval.

Rep. Schaefer spoke to CBS 19's Bryan Boes to share his story.