COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Some Texas A&M students and locals are expressing concerns about what they say continues to be a very busy and troubled intersection.

That intersection in question is University Drive and Spence Street.

In 2016 the city of College Station released a statement saying they would conduct an extensive public engagement process to gather feedback in regards to that busy intersection.

"When the walking sign goes off for us, they also let the green lights for the traversing highway, it turns green. So, the cars try to come and turn on us while we're walking and that's just dangerous honestly," said one concerned A&M student.

According to the city, they have already begun implementing changes to University Drive such as raised medians, new street lights and barriers for pedestrians, but these changes have yet to reach the intersection which many pedestrians are calling dangerous.

"For me the curb is really close together, and I feel that whenever the cars turn, they either go over the curb or it has the potential to hit a pedestrian that is crossing," said sophomore student Ash Nair

The second phase of improvements will address this intersection and include wider sidewalks along University Drive, narrowed travel lanes that will reduce pedestrian crossing distance and pedestrian only signalized crossing.

The construction for these improvements is expected to begin in November and the city has given a 12-month time frame for the project to be complete.

Proposed improvements include:

· Wider sidewalks along University Drive.

· Pedestrian-only signalized crossing phases, meaning all vehicles will be stopped when pedestrians/cyclists are crossing University Drive.

· Narrowed travel lanes that will reduce pedestrian crossing distance and reduce vehicle travel speeds.

· Moving the traffic signal from Spence Street to Church Avenue.

· Raised medians with openings only at traffic signals.

· Left turns from University Drive will only be allowed on green arrows.